Trademark Registration

A trademark (often called simply a “mark”) is a word, symbol, design, combination of letters and numbers, or other device that identifies and distinguishes a product or service in the marketplace. A trademark can be a company name, a product name, a logo—even a specific color, smell or sound, associated with a product or company, may be considered a trademark. Regardless of its form, the purpose of a trademark is always the same: to create a distinct identity for your product or service. The objective of the Trade Marks Act, 1999 is to register trademarks applied for in the country and to provide for better protection of trade mark for goods and services and also to prevent fraudulent use of the mark. The main function of the Registry is to register a trademark which qualifies for registration under the Act and Rules. A trademark exclusively identifies a product as belonging to a specific company and recognizes the company’s ownership of the brand.

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