Geographical Indication

A geographical indication is a sign that is tagged along with the name of the product. It is used on products which are associated with a particular geographical region. To prove that a particular product belongs to the category of GI, it is necessary to show that the raw materials required to produce that good are available in abundance in that particular geographical region. Similarly, it does not restrain any person from using the same raw materials in producing similar goods, it just forbids from producing the product with the name of the geographical region which has already been registered. Though GI becomes a factor that constrains innovation, it has been legally approved as it helps in containing the quality factor of the goods produced, and helps the people from being misled by goods produced maliciously. GI as such is a right acquired by a country and not by any individual. The rights under GI are valid throughout the world and any country which produces goods or services under the GI of another country can be made liable.